WaveSet can provide in-situ testing measurements and expertise for multiple purposes:
-Experimental Modal Analysis;
-Forced Vibration Analysis;
-Damping evaluation;
-Radiated acoustic power.
Available Equipment:
•Signal acquisition
•Shaker & Modal hammer
•Loudspeakers (Dodecahedral Sound Source)
•Accelerometers & Microphones
•Acoustic Antennas (64 and 1024 microphones)

Example of previous testing activities:

Vega  C launcher Interstage Experimental Modal Analysis.

Structural Health Monitoring:
WaveSet provides expertise in damage detection techniques both from numerical and experimental point of view, for different structures (plates, blades, winglets) and with different techniques and sensors.
Several studies have been performed by using different techniques and for different test articles.
– Structural intensity (SI), which reveals the magnitude and direction of mechanical energy flow is used to investigate a damage in a flat plate;
– Operational modal analysis is performed on a wind blade to mitor the integrity of the structure after a static test by looking to the modal parameters (natural frequencies, mode shapes, damping);
– Ultrasonic waves, activated and sensed by piezoelectric patches bonded to the most critical structural component are used to detect a damage in a composite winglet structure.

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