Machine Learning:

WaveSet carries-out research on Data Management and the employment of Artificial Intelligence on the prediction of the response of Mechanical Systems. The access to plenty of experimental and numerical data can be exploited through machine learning techniques, such as artificial neural networks, Gaussian processes, support vector machines, etc., which may provide quick preliminary estimations of dynamic responses and, therefore, evaluate how much design modifications, manufacturing error or limits affect the behavior of engineering systems. As a consequence, noticeable money and time savings can be achieved, especially in those cases in which experimental campaigns are hard or expensive to setup, or numerical simulations may require substantial computational efforts and are time consuming.

Meta-materials: the next generation of materials.

“Meta” is a Greek word that means something beyond, altered, changed. To the letter meta-material means: material that does not exist in nature.
Properties of meta-materials do not derive from the nature of the material itself, but from their newly designed structures.

WaveSet has a strong background in the field of mechanical and porous meta-materials. Different applications are proposed to increase the vibroacoustic performance of existing structures without compromising the stiffness and the weight.

Research Projects

The Team is and has been involved in several research projects supported by the European Commission and Italian Government in cooperation with many European Industrial and academic partners.

LIVE-I (Lightening and Innovating transmission for improving Vehicle Environmental Impacts), a H2020 MSCA-ITN European Industrial Doctorate, 2020;
DEVISU (DEvelopment and applications of a VIrtual hybrid platform for multiscale analysis of advanced StructUres of aircraft) project, a national research project (PRIN 2017) funded by MIUR, 2019;
T-WING (Next Generation of Civil Tilt-Rotor (NGCTR) project, a CLEAN SKY 2 European project, 2019;
TECA: (Technological solutions of Engine enCapsulation for Automotive), a national project, 2017;
CASTLE (CAbin Systems design Toward passenger welLbEing), a CLEAN SKY 2 European project, 2016;
VIPER (VIbro acoustic of PERiodic media), a H2020-MSCA-ITN-2015 project, 2015.

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