The WaveSet Team

WaveSet is founded by experts in Vibrations, Acoustics, Structural Dynamics, Testing and Fluid-Structure Interaction with experience in multiple sectors: Aerospace, Automotive, Naval and Energy.

Core Team

Alessandro Casaburo, PhD – Co-Founder, CEO & CFO

Main Expertise: Machine Learning , Similitudes

Alessandro Casaburo is a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Naples “Federico II”. He gained his Bachelor and Master graduations in Aerospace Engineering at University of Naples Federico II in 2013 and 2017, respectively. His PhD topic is the investigation of structural similitudes with analytical, numerical and experimental approaches.
His research field is structural dynamics, mainly concentrated on vibrations and acoustics, but he also deals with the application of modern techniques, such as machine learning, to vibroacoustic field. This led Alessandro to two secondments at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of University of Chile, during which he studied the application of machine learning techniques to systems in similitude, as well as the validation of noisy experiments by means of similitude theory, involving both isotropic structures and sandwich configurations

Giuseppe Petrone, PhD – Co-Founder, CTO & CXO

Main Expertise: Structural Dynamics, Testing, Composites

Giuseppe Petrone is an assistant professor at the Department of Industrial Engineering – Aerospace Section of Università degli Studi di Napoli “Federico”. Dr. Petrone gained an MSc and a BSc in Aerospace Engineering at University of Naples Federico II and Second University of Naples in 2010 and 2008, respectively and in 2014, he received his Ph.D. in Aerospace, Naval and Quality Engineering from the University of Naples Federico II, Naples, Italy. Dr. Petrone spent research periods at CACM (Centre for Advanced Composite Materials) of the University of Auckland (New Zealand) where he worked on the characterization of natural fibre composite panels with Profs. D. Bhattacharyya and B. Mace; and at University of Santiago de Chile where he worked with prof. V. Meruane on damage detection techniques. His research activities are focused on mechanical characterization, structural dynamics, structural-acoustics and damage detection by using both frequency response functions and ultrasonic waves techniques. Dr. Petrone has been involved, as principal and co-investigator, in several research projects, funded by industrial companies and/or EU Community, for many engineering sectors, including aircraft, comfort, safety,  noise and vibration.  He serves as referee and associate editor for many peer-reviewed journals.

Dario Magliacano, PhD – Co-Founder

Main Expertise: Porous Materials, Metamaterials

Dario Magliacano graduates in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Naples “Federico II” (Italy) in 2013 (BSc) and 2016 (MSc). Later, he is selected for the MSCA ITN EU project VIPER between University of Franche-Comté (France) and the University of Naples (Italy), with the partnership of University of Sherbrooke (Canada) and Vibratec (France). He finally obtains a double European PhD in Industrial Engineering in February 2020. Up to date, he authored 11 scientific papers between international journals and conferences in the fields on active control of vibrations, acoustics, porous media and metamaterials.

Senior Technical Advisors

Prof. Sergio De Rosa

Prof. Sergio De Rosa was, from the beginning of his research activity, involved in the engineering fields concerning the structural dynamics, the vibroacoustics and the fluid-structure interaction in large sense. In 1988, he became researcher at the Italian Aerospace Research Center, CIRA and, in 1992, he became researcher at University of Naples “Federico II”; in 2014 he was appointed as full professor: his entire academic career is developed in the sector named Aerospace Structures and belongs to the pastalab group. His main research fields are: (i) Models for the structural dynamics and interior acoustics; (ii) Asymptotical Scaled Modal Analysis; (iii) definition of similitudes and asymptotical modelling for structural Acoustics; (iv) stochastic response of structural and fluid-structural systems under random and convective excitations; (v)  Convective effect on the acoustic radiated power by structural components. He is one of the founder of flinovia research community and one of the editors of the associated books. He has been involved in several research projects funded by the European Directorate since 1991. He acts in many peer-reviewed journals with different roles: from the simple reviewer to the deputy position for Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science (SAGE). He is Co-Founder of WaveSet.

Prof. Francesco Franco

Prof. Francesco Franco  is active in many fields of mechanical and aerospace engineering such as structural dynamics, structural-acoustics, i.e. coupling among vibrating structures and acoustic enclosures, structural-acoustic optimization, computational methods in structural-acoustic with reference to low and medium-high modal density problems, experimental techniques for the modal analysis – flutter clearance in aeronautics – localization and characterization of vibration and noise sources, active structural-acoustic control, smart materials with particular reference to magnetostrictive and piezoelectric materials, damage detection by using frequency response functions. Up to date Dr. Franco has been involved in several research projects funded by the European Directorate for the Research and Industrial Development (DG XII). Many European research centers have collaborated in these research projects and Dr. Franco has served with different roles: partner, task and work-package leader, member of the steering committee. Moreover, Dr. Franco has been involved in many research projects sponsored by industrial companies (Alenia Aeronautica, Piaggio Aero Industries, Fiat, AnsaldoBreda, etc.) for the structural-acoustic design and optimization of transportation mean prototypes. He is Co-Founder of WaveSet.

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